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A very Bond suprise October 7, 2008

The Daily Mail UK (one of my fav gossip sites) is reporting that new Bond girl Gemma Arterton, who’ll be starring opposite Daniel Craig in the upcoming “Quantum of Solace” flick, was born with six fingers on each hand.

She was apparently operated on as a very young child, in order to have the extra appendages removed, but she still has little bumpy scars to remind her.


She has a beautiful smile, no?

She has a beautiful smile, no?

The Daily Mail also recently revealed, in a total spoiler, how Gemma’s character will die in the next Bond film.  I won’t let the cat out of the bag, but it has something to do with this:

Ay, mami!

Ay, mami!

Other than the shit theme song co-written by Alicia Keys and the White Stripes’ Jack White, I’m really pleased with the direction the Bond conglomerate has been heading lately.  I will always have a spot in my heart (and bed, let’s be honest) for Pierce Brosnan, but I never really believed he could kick some undercover ass.  Daniel Craig, on the other hand, is entirely believable.  He’s more of a Roger Moore type of Bond – rough around the edges, not formulaicly handsome, and, well, ROCK DIESEL.  Gemma is also not a standard beauty.  Her body obviously has that tall, leggy Geena Davis thing happening.  But her face is a little quirky, and to me that makes her a) a more interesting character, and b) MORE beautiful.

So, you know, good work Bond Enterprises.  Good work.  (Now get a new theme song, and pronto!)


Matt Damon discusses the terrifying prospect of a “President Palin” October 4, 2008


Watch Matt Damon, on CBS, talk about how seriously frightening and absurd it is that Sarah Palin could end up being our next President.  If 72-year old cancer survivor McCain kicks the bucket, we’ll be stuck with someone who believes dinosaurs were around 4,000 years ago against the Vladimir Putins of the world.  I especially love Matt’s comment that it’s like we’re stuck in a really bad Disney movie where the hockey mom becomes president.  He’s right!  This is like Air Bud or something.  Why is this actually happening!?


Why is Tom always leading Katie around? September 29, 2008

Is he THAT insecure in his manhood that he has to pull her around like a bitch on a lead all the time?  QUIT IT, you scientology freak!

TomKat, out for dinner in New York this weekend.

TomKat, out for dinner in New York this past weekend.

Second of all, why are they always so matchy-matchy?  It’s like Tom thinks that if they don’t wear the same clothes, have the same haircuts, and walk around attached at the wrist, no one will know she BELONGS to him.  Ridiculous.  

Katie in Tom's manacles, in Feb. 2008.

Katie in Tom's manacles in Feb. 2008.

Katie, honey, please stand up for yourself.  Don’t stoop to that short wacko’s level, literally or figuratively. By all accounts, your performance on Broadway in “All My Sons” is excellent, you’re adorable, and – other than the pegged jeans phase – you’ve become a fashion maven.  Own it!


Scarlett Johannson is offically off the market. =) September 28, 2008

Scarlett Johannson has married her fiance Ryan Reynolds this weekend at a small private ceremony in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) this weekend, the Daily Mail UK reports.  The gorgeous actress, of “Lost in Translation” and “Match Point” fame, is known as much for her stunning hourglass figure as for her talent. 

She's the modern Hollywood starlet.

She's the modern Hollywood starlet.

The actress, who director Woody Allen has described as “sexually overwhelming”, has been with Reynolds since last spring – not too long after he dated Alanis Morrisette.  I’d be hella-pissed if I was Alanis, because let’s admit it – Scarlett is a step up as far as mates go.


Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds.

Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds.

Personally, I think Scarlett and Ryan deserve each other.  “Sexiest Woman Alive” (Maxim) or not, she’s still a prissy little twat, and he’s a total frat boy.  

Still – congrats to the happy couple! =P


Why are Justin & Jessica always so pissed? September 24, 2008

Seriously.  I was so excited when they got together, because let’s be honest, they would make beautiful babies.  His talent and her ass (although hopefully not her teeth or his hair…) – brilliant!  But ever since they got together, every picture I see of them looks like they just had a hearty serving of stick up the ass.  WTF?

Well fine then.  We don't like you either, bitches.

Well fine then. We don't like you either, bitches.