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Brooke Hogan has no taste, continued… October 3, 2008

White trash runs in the Hogan family.

Check out Brooke Hogan, at the Bejeweled Swimwear show on October 1st.

Why won't someone LOVE ME, already!?

Why won't someone just LOVE ME, already?!

Take note, all you tan-a-holics: too much fake tanning makes you look like you’re 20 years older than you are!  No one wants to date a leather face.


(P.S.  Did you guys see that her mom was recently arrested for speeding, 20 miles over the limit?  No joke.  And this is after her son got in such a huge speeding wreck his best friend, 22-year old John Graziano, is in a coma and will likely remain so.  What a f@#$ing douchebag.)


Trash, trash, trash.

Trash, trash, trash.


Taking white trash to a whole new level. September 20, 2008

I can’t believe they gave this chick a show called “Brooke Knows Best”.  The irony is out of control, and almost cruel.

How is this a good idea?  No, seriously.

How is this a good idea? No, seriously.

I wonder if she struggled, for days and days, desperately trying to figure what she was going to wear for her next show.  That she suddenly lit up with inspiration, and screamed, “I’ve got it!  A black vest over a larger red vest, which is still not big enough to cover my belly, black underwear, nude fishnets, and – the cherry on top – ASSLESS CHAPS MADE FROM JEANS.  I’m BRILLIANT!”

I’m really not sure she could get more white trash.  Oh, wait…

Come on, man.  Really?

Come on. Really?