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Hilarious personal solicitation September 23, 2008

I just received this personal solicitation in my email, and it was just too hilarious not to post.  Enjoy:


Hello !

My name is Elmira!
I romantic, good, sensitive, intellectual, reliable girl. I search for, which – that special to be its partner. You should be an artist, in in your shower. But I search only serious relations, I am killed already simply by morons which would want only chance  photo that masturbated on it!!! If you such. Then please at all do not answer me. The Harmony, understanding and confidence also much it is important. If You interesting corresponder with me also. And if You answer me then I – send
You certain mine photo and dialect more about me directly.
We with you have got acquainted with you on dating site
I hope you remember me.

With impatience I wait for the answer to mine e-mail to exchange with you pictures!
With best wishes

Elmira !!




My the Fresh untie who? September 18, 2008

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I’m pretty sure this version of this movie is significantly more entertaining that the original.  Click below to watch the Star Wars prequels get slaughtered in Engrish:



Welcome to Crazy Awesome! September 17, 2008

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Today I sent a picture to of an absolutely wretched dress Rosario Dawson wore to the premeire of her new movie, Eagle Eye, and the gals who run the blog promptly posted it – which of course made me think, “Why do I keep supplying all of these blogs with the great material I run into every day online?  Fuck that!  I’m starting my OWN blog!”

Presto: Crazy Awesome.

Most of the blogs out there are thematic – they focus on one thing, such as fashion (, celebrities (, cute animals (,, etc.  That’s all well and good, but I’ve often wished I could go to one website for a tasty selection of awesomeness from all over the internet.  I get bored on the thematic sites after a page or two.  So that’s what you’ll be getting here:  hilarious news, breaking news, funny stories, celeb buzz, cuteness, tips & tricks, and whatever else I run across.

An appetizer, if you will:

I can't get enough of Chinese menu translations!  Check out the link for the ridiculousness in its entirety.

I can't get enough of Chinese menu translations! Check out the link for the ridiculousness in its entirety...

More to come soon!