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Hilarious personal solicitation September 23, 2008

I just received this personal solicitation in my email, and it was just too hilarious not to post.  Enjoy:


Hello !

My name is Elmira!
I romantic, good, sensitive, intellectual, reliable girl. I search for, which – that special to be its partner. You should be an artist, in in your shower. But I search only serious relations, I am killed already simply by morons which would want only chance  photo that masturbated on it!!! If you such. Then please at all do not answer me. The Harmony, understanding and confidence also much it is important. If You interesting corresponder with me also. And if You answer me then I – send
You certain mine photo and dialect more about me directly.
We with you have got acquainted with you on dating site
I hope you remember me.

With impatience I wait for the answer to mine e-mail to exchange with you pictures!
With best wishes

Elmira !!




3 Responses to “Hilarious personal solicitation”

  1. HottyPatotty Says:

    Wow, that almost belongs on

  2. Dev Says:

    Wow, I did not understand one word of that email. LoL How can you try to pick someone up and not make any sense!!??

  3. Thomas Bruce Says:

    Hi, I received that one too actually. The shower bit got to me.. yet another critic of my singing. And I found it a bit much sending me her picture and telling me not to masturbate on it. What kind of baboon does she take me for? She’s cute but not that cute. This is a classic ‘Russian Dating Scam’, though they’re not necessarily Russian (or women – for all I know Elmira is a sweaty bald fat guy in a basement in Newark).

    It’s the romantic equivalent of the Nigerian scam where Prince Ogopogo died and left a vast fortune to someone who needs MY help to claim it, so he’ll split it with me if I let him use my bank account and spot him a couple grand to pay his lawyer.

    The ‘Russian’ daters typically engage a man in a dialogue with fake, often pre-cooked ‘love letters’ until he is persuaded to fly her to the States to finally meet. He wires a couple grand for a plane ticket and surprise! She’s never heard from again.

    Reporting them may save a gullible lonely guy thousands. I flagged ‘Elmira’ to a legit Russian dating service that tracks scammers:

    Всего доброго,

    Томас Брус

    PS: signing off in Russian, hope it displays ok…

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