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Kate Fugson January 6, 2009

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K-Fug at the premiere of Bride WarsOk, so wtf is up with this dress? First of all, the cut at the top is not doing K-Fug any favors. There is like ZERO support in that thing. She has a serious case of pancake boob, not to mention that it looks like the thing could come down at any moment because of a sheer lack of anything it could adhear itself to on Hudson’s body.

The idea of a fishtail dress is to show off curves, or to help create them. But that top is completely covering where her hips should be and it looks like it needs to be hoisted up about 4 inches and possibly worn under a smart suit with a pencil skirt or something as an “accent” piece. But as a full gown, it’s not working for me.

Also, that pattern is totally crazy. It looks like something a whimsical drag queen named Gia Metrica might wear, or something Glenn Close’s character Cruella Deville would have worn in 101 Dalmations. Next time, Hudson should stick to something a little more “safe” and leave the craziness to someone else like Chloe Sevigny or Bjork.


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