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Who writes this shit, anyway? September 17, 2008

Hi. My name is Colleen, and I’m the writer of “Crazy Awesome: Welcome to the Antidote”.  Here’s a little bit about me:

My Goal with Crazy Awesome:

  • To create a blog for smart people with a variety of interests, including the stupid stuff.  I got tired of having to go to 20 different websites in order to catch up on news, read reviews, see cute things, watch videos, get celebrity buzz, learn about hot new music, etc.  I wanted to be able to go to one blog and see ALL of those things, in an easily navigable format, so that if you DO happen to want to focus on one aspect or another, you can.
  • To expose people to a broader range of topics, including what’s happening in the world.  I know a lot of people who read obsessively, and know what kind of toilet paper Brangelina uses, but who don’t have any idea what’s happening in our economy.  I figured if I could create a blog that was an interesting combination of silly, fun, and informative, my readers might have a chance of being both entertained AND informed.
  • To have a place to write and express myself, like every other blogger out there!
That's me! =)


What I do with the rest of my life:

  • I’m an opera singer and professional voice teacher.
  • I work part-time as an accountant, project manager, and assistant for a revolutionary theatre-based executive education firm called Performance of a Lifetime.
  • I’m an organizational consultant who helps small businesses get efficient and streamlined.
  • I have my own graphic design company, DivaStarDesign.  I do mostly print materials at the moment (business stationary, flyers, ads for newpapers and magazines, posters, etc.), but am also learning web design.
  • I go to school part time at Pratt Institute, where I’m getting a Certificate in Computer Graphics in Electronic Publishing.
  • I explore the incredible city where I live – NYC – and spend a lot of time with good friends!
This madness is my haven.

This madness is my haven.

Random interests & tidbits:

  • travel, travel, travel!
  • the smell of handsoap
  • singing
  • dancing all night long
  • laughing
  • MEN
  • wishing the L word was a place I could visit
  • Dexter, Weeds, The Tudors – SHOWTIME!
  • France!
  • Memphis and Olivia (my super adorable kittens)
My kittens!  They're sisters. =)

My kittens! They're sisters. =)

  • joy
  • bullshitting obnoxious people
  • dreaming BIG
  • being an entrepreneur
  • shoes
  • avocados
  • grilled cheese
  • being mischevious
  • foreign films
  • loyal friends
  • skinny dipping
  • creating my reality
  • shades of grey (or technicolor!)
  • being brainy =P
  • suddenly remembering why you loved someone after it’s gone terribly wrong
  • experimenting
  • optimism
  • porches & thunderstorms
  • horizons
  • New York City!


3 Responses to “Who writes this shit, anyway?”

  1. ver Says:

    thx for the great post on the vp debate

    i got here via drill baby drill

    lets hope the revolution will be gentle

  2. michelle2005 Says:

    OMG! You’re an opera singer….and everytime I open my mouth to sing, I get told “You need to ‘rest’ your voice”.

    I’ve told you before how much I enjoy your blog…yet, only now read who is writing it.

    Kindest Regards,


  3. Thanks Michelle. I was pretty impressed at the work you do as well when I checked out your “about” section. Tell me more about it!

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