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CHALLENGE TO CONSERVATIVES: Why Palin? October 7, 2008

I genuinely don’t understand the affection for Sarah Palin.  To me she comes across as uninformed, unprepared, ignorant, and condescending to the American people.  But an awful lot of people are rooting for her, and I would like to learn why.

Here’s my challenge to conservatives:  Why do you like Sarah Palin, other than that she’s an “average Joe” that people can relate to? I want to hear why people think she’d make a good vice president, not why people want to have her over for dinner.  Sabes?


Why do you like her?  I don't get it!

Why do you like her? I don't get it!

(P.S. Liberals – exercise your right to free speech too!)


How Sarah Palin figures out what to say in public… October 6, 2008

See below, for an apt illustration of how Sarah Palin navigates questions in debates and interviews.

If you think it’s not true – look at the stats.  Since Barack named Joe Biden as his running mate, Biden’s done over 100 interviews/debates/etc.  Palin has done three, all of which were total disasters.  You don’t think so?  Hmmm…maybe you don’t remember this hot mess:

It was so rich in satire material that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler clearly couldn’t resist.  Hence last week’s SNL Palin/Couric spoof.

All signs are pointing to (let me hear it now!) Sarah Palin being woefully unprepared for the role of vice president of the United States of America.  You betcha!

(P.S.  Thanks to my Danish buddy Kathrine for the hilarious debate chart!)


Tina Fey rips Palin ANOTHER asshole with SNL VP debate spoof. October 5, 2008

I seriously hope Tina Fey gets an Emmy for her comedy work on SNL during the 2008 election.  Because this shit is amazing.  Queen Latifah (as the debate moderator) is such a blunt instrument of an “actress”, and Jason Sedakis (as Joe Biden) was a little obvious too – but who the f@#$ cares, for real.  Tina Fey as Sarah Palin was, as usual, SPOT on.  As my new roomie Joannah said last night, “It’s even funnier b/c half of it is taken verbatim!”  So true, JoJo, so true.

Some of my favorite moments:


“I think marriage should be a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.” (LOL!)

“I love Israel so much.  Bless it’s heart.”

“Oh, are we not doing the talent portion?” (Plays a flute)

“And for all of you Joe-Six-Packs at home playin’ a drinkin’ game: Maverick!” (Takes a ghost-swig.) – this one in particular made us laugh because, as you’ll remember from my vp debate breakdown, we actually tried to PLAY that drinking game. =)  Good times.



Matt Damon discusses the terrifying prospect of a “President Palin” October 4, 2008


Watch Matt Damon, on CBS, talk about how seriously frightening and absurd it is that Sarah Palin could end up being our next President.  If 72-year old cancer survivor McCain kicks the bucket, we’ll be stuck with someone who believes dinosaurs were around 4,000 years ago against the Vladimir Putins of the world.  I especially love Matt’s comment that it’s like we’re stuck in a really bad Disney movie where the hockey mom becomes president.  He’s right!  This is like Air Bud or something.  Why is this actually happening!?


Hillary Clinton on last night’s VP debate. October 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton is such a diplomat!  Hilarious.  Check out what she had to say about the two candidates for VP, below:

My roomies and I totally think he's handsome in an older guy kind of way.

My roomies and I totally think he's handsome in an older guy kind of way.

On Joe Biden:

She said, “Joe Biden was great. He put forward a flawless performance. I, like probably everybody else watching, was so moved by the authentic grief that caught in his throat when he talked about his own personal experience.”

Clinton is referring to Joe’s statement last night that he knew what it was like to raise children as a single parent, and that Palin should never question that.  His wife and daughter were killed years ago in a car accident that also severely injured his two sons.

I really hope I don't have to look at this face for four more years.

I really hope I don't have to look at this face for four more years.

On Sarah Palin:

“I think she’s very good. I always thought she would do well. It’s amazing. She’s been thrust into the national spotlight with very little preparation.”

Translation: “I can’t believe this stupid, small-town bitch is still on the ticket.  She has no experience.  At all. Why, God, WHY?”

Pretty funny, right?  

Do you think Biden was a better choice than Clinton, or the other way around?


Further Sarah Palin credentials September 27, 2008

You guys – how is it possible that this woman is one election and one 72-year-old heartbeat away from running our country.  WHAT IS GOING ON?

Sarah Palin, in the 1984 Miss Alaska Competition.
She couldn’t even win Miss Alaska.  How’s she supposed to be our vice president!?
Miss Congeniality, in the 1984 pageant.

Miss Congeniality, in the 1984 pageant.








This is SICK: Aerial hunting of Alaskan wolves September 25, 2008

This is so sad.  Apparently, there is a whole group of hunters in Alaska who hire low-flying, slow planes and to hunt wolves that have been trapped at high altitudes during the fierce winters.  They chase them until they’re too tired to run anymore, and then shoot them with 12-gauge shotguns.  Sometimes they don’t even wait, they just fill the poor gorgeous animals with buckshot, wounding them and leaving them in extraordinary pain.  Horrible.