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Why is Tom always leading Katie around? September 29, 2008

Is he THAT insecure in his manhood that he has to pull her around like a bitch on a lead all the time?  QUIT IT, you scientology freak!

TomKat, out for dinner in New York this weekend.

TomKat, out for dinner in New York this past weekend.

Second of all, why are they always so matchy-matchy?  It’s like Tom thinks that if they don’t wear the same clothes, have the same haircuts, and walk around attached at the wrist, no one will know she BELONGS to him.  Ridiculous.  

Katie in Tom's manacles, in Feb. 2008.

Katie in Tom's manacles in Feb. 2008.

Katie, honey, please stand up for yourself.  Don’t stoop to that short wacko’s level, literally or figuratively. By all accounts, your performance on Broadway in “All My Sons” is excellent, you’re adorable, and – other than the pegged jeans phase – you’ve become a fashion maven.  Own it!