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Sweet Jesus, Lindsay Lohan wants a baby. October 3, 2008

Lindsay Lohan wants to adopt a baby with her lesbian lover, Samantha Ronson, according the new issue of Marie Claire magazine.  They’ve JUST come out of the closet as a couple, so the next logical step is clearly a celebrity adoption.  After all, why would people care about her now that the gay quesiton has been answered?  Apparently she wants either “a child in need or a newborn from another country. I’m not sure yet.”  Lordy.

How is this a good idea? This bitch has been in rehab like nine times in the past two years (that’s a totally made-up figure, by the way, so don’t quote me.  But for real – it’s a lot.), her family is a complete disaster, and we have pictures of suspicious cuts on her arms – indicating self-harm – from mere months ago.  Not only that, but she’s reportedly off the wagon again hardcore, partying with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson at all her DJ gigs.  NEWSFLASH:  babies are not hobbies!  They are something you commit to loving and caring for for the rest of your life.  FFS.

She's stunning, I'll admit.  But stunningly ready to raise a child?  HELL to the NO.

She's stunning, I'll admit. But stunningly ready to raise a child? HELL to the NO.

Lindsay and her man recently enjoyed the waves in sunny Mexico.  Having admitted to their relationship, they were finally able to be as lovey and affectionate as they wanted.

Not that they weren’t before, but whatever.

Lohan & Ronson, before admitting they were together.  No worries gals, NO ONE KNEW.

Lohan & Ronson, before admitting they were together. No worries gals, NO ONE KNEW.


Who knew Anna Wintour had a gorgeous daughter? September 28, 2008

Check out famous Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s daughter, Bee Shaffer, at Fashion Rocks.  Anna Wintour, who supposedly inspired the horrendously cruel and demanding boss in “The Devil Wears Prada”, had Bee with her ex-husband David Shaffer, a child psychologist.  They divorced in 1999.


Anna & Bee.

Anna & Bee.

How awful must it have been to grow up with Anna Wintour and a child psychologist for parents?  WRETCHED.  Hopefully being rich and having fabulous clothes all the time have been a bit of compensation.


Daily Dose of Cute: Celebrity Babies

How. Freaking. Cute. Is Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s son Kingston?


Gwen & Kingston @ Hollywood's St. Genero Festival.

Gwen & Kingston @ Hollywood's St. Genero Festival.

This pic was taken only a week after Gwen gave birth to their second son, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, a month ago.  There has been speculation that Gwen & Gavin are Bob Marley fans, as baby Zuma’s strange middle name is the same as the iconic rock legend’s middle name.  Ziggy Marley, one of Bob’s sons, also gave the unusual moniker to one of his children.


Heather Locklear has been arrested, y’all.

Heather Locklear was arrested on Saturday for suspicious of driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Apparently, she caught the attention of authorities by “driving erratically”.  Poor thing.  First the divorce, then the utter betrayal by Denise Richards, and now this.


Hot mess.

Hot mess.

Heather is best known for playing Amanda Woodward in Melrose Place, from 1993-1999.  She’s also famous for her role in Dynasty, where she played Sammy Jo Dean Carrington from 1981-1989. 

I hope she gets her shit together, at least for her daughter’s sake!


Scarlett Johannson is offically off the market. =)

Scarlett Johannson has married her fiance Ryan Reynolds this weekend at a small private ceremony in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) this weekend, the Daily Mail UK reports.  The gorgeous actress, of “Lost in Translation” and “Match Point” fame, is known as much for her stunning hourglass figure as for her talent. 

She's the modern Hollywood starlet.

She's the modern Hollywood starlet.

The actress, who director Woody Allen has described as “sexually overwhelming”, has been with Reynolds since last spring – not too long after he dated Alanis Morrisette.  I’d be hella-pissed if I was Alanis, because let’s admit it – Scarlett is a step up as far as mates go.


Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds.

Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds.

Personally, I think Scarlett and Ryan deserve each other.  “Sexiest Woman Alive” (Maxim) or not, she’s still a prissy little twat, and he’s a total frat boy.  

Still – congrats to the happy couple! =P


Paul Newman is Dead. September 27, 2008


Paul Newman, one of the most iconic male actors is Hollywood’s history, has died at the age of 83.  The screen legend’s true fame arrived when he starred opposite Robert Redford in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”.  

Paul Newman & Robert Redford.

Newman died of cancer at home, while holding his wife Joanne Woodward’s hand.  They celebrated their 50th anniversary this past January.


Paul & his wife Joanne in their early years.

Paul & his wife Joanne in their early years.

Let’s celebrate his life with a brief reminder of Paul Newman’s contribution, shall we?


  • Born in Shaker Heights, OH on January 25, 1925
  • Birth Name: Paul Leonard Newman 
  • First appearance as a professional actor: “Picnic”, on Broadway (1953) – he was so embarrassed he apologized to anyone who might have seen it via a full-page ad in a trade paper.
  • He was kicked out of Ohio University for unruly behavior.
  • Served for three years in the Navy as a radio operator during World War II.
  • Became extremely popular in 1960s, when he was featured in films such as The Hustler (1961), The Prize (1963), Hud (1963), Cool Hand Luke(1967) and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969). 
  • Multi-talented, and recognized for it, including for the first movie he directed, Rachel, Rachel (1968) in which he also directed his wife Joanne Woodward. The movie received an Oscar nomination for best picture. 
  • Won his oscar for his performance as an aging pool shark in The Color of Money (1986), although he was nominated 9 other times for by the Academy.
  • Won for Best Actor at the 1950 Cannes Film Festival, for the film The Long, Hot Summer (1958).
  • Also won one or more of the following awards: Emmy, BAFTA, Berlin International Film Festival, Cinema Writers Circle Awards – Spain, David di Donatello Awards, Golden Apple Awards, Golden Globes, Cecile B. Demille Awards, Henrietta Award, Laurel Award, Mar del Plata Film Festival, National Board of Review – USA, National Society of Film Critics – USA, New York Film Circle Critics Award, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and many more! 
  • Founded “Newman’s Own” organic food products, and donated every single penny to charity and philanthropic causes!  In 1983 he took a dig at himself, saying he was a little embarrassed that his salad dressing was grossing more than his movies. =)
A young Paul Newman, looking super hunktastic.

A young Paul Newman, looking super hunktastic.


Newman's Own logo.

Newman's Own logo.


Amy Winehouse is freaking DISGUSTING September 25, 2008


Cracky McSnortHouse

Cracky McSnortHouse


Why are all the best talents out there total lunatics and druggies?  So sad.  The latest in the ongoing trash heap that is Amy Winehouse’s life is that she’s apparently been returning borrowed designer gowns covered in puke and mold.  

SERIOUSLY?  Who does that?  You have to be in a real state to not even consider getting the fucking things dry-cleaned before you return them.  Filthy!


Amy supposedly missed her own birthday party b/c she feels TOO UGLY.  DUH!

Amy supposedly missed her own birthday party b/c she feels TOO UGLY. DUH!


The UK Sun spoke to an insider, who revealed, “Harvey Nichols [a fancy British department store] loaned Amy £25k’s worth of silk and satin dresses. Unfortunately, while wearing one of the frocks, she went on an all-night bender. She ended up in the loos, where she was violently sick. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. She eventually couriered them back on Monday, but didn’t wrap them separately. So sick had gone on all the clothes. Even worse, green, furry mould had developed on some gowns, making them unwearable. The store publicists weren’t best pleased. They send stuff out to celebs all the time, but it never gets into such a state. I doubt Amy will be sent any more designer gear for a while and the store has now asked for its £25k back.”