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Shiloh is getting so BIG! October 7, 2008

Angelina Jolie was snapped out walking with kids Pax (4), Zahara (3), and Shiloh Nouvel (2) yesterday in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Shiloh is already half the size of Angelina!  I wonder if she’ll be tall like her daddy?


Daily Dose of Cute: Celebrity Babies September 28, 2008

How. Freaking. Cute. Is Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s son Kingston?


Gwen & Kingston @ Hollywood's St. Genero Festival.

Gwen & Kingston @ Hollywood's St. Genero Festival.

This pic was taken only a week after Gwen gave birth to their second son, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, a month ago.  There has been speculation that Gwen & Gavin are Bob Marley fans, as baby Zuma’s strange middle name is the same as the iconic rock legend’s middle name.  Ziggy Marley, one of Bob’s sons, also gave the unusual moniker to one of his children.


First pics of Nicole Kidman’s baby girl, Sunday Rose! September 27, 2008

Ok, first of all, I think Nicole Kidman is one of the most beautiful – if slightly stiff and porcelain – women in the world, and I can’t wait to see her daughter grow up.  

Second of all, how cute is Sunday Rose?


Baby Sunday.

Baby Sunday.


Daily Dose of Cute: Kittens in Mugs September 25, 2008

Enjoy. =)


Nicole Kidman credits pregnancy to “miracle” waterfalls September 24, 2008

Nicole Kidman has struggled with fertility her whole life, to the extent that when she was 25 she and Tom Cruise decided to adopt two children: Connor and Bella.  Then out of nowhere, she got pregnant last year with husband Keith Urban while filming Baz Luhrmann’s latest epic, “Australia”.

Kidman, in a promotional pic for her new film, with co-star Hugh Jackman.

Kidman, in a promotional pic for her new film, with co-star Hugh Jackman.

To what does Kidman, 41, credit the miracle of Sunday Rose, the little girl she gave birth to this past July?  The Kununurra waterfalls in Australia, where they were filming the movie.

The waters of Kununurra.

The fertile waters of Kununurra.

“Seven babies were conceived out of this film and only one was a boy. There is something up there in the Kununurra water because we all went swimming in the waterfalls, so we can call it the fertility waters now.”

Nicole & Sunday Rose this summer.

Nicole & Sunday Rose this summer.

How nutty is that?  SEVEN babies?  Nifty!