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Alicia Keys & Jack White drop Bond theme song video September 30, 2008

Check out the hotness that is “Another Way to Die”, the theme song for the next Bond movie that Alicia Keys and Jack White cowrote – after Amy Winehouse cracked her way out of the original commission:

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Amy Winehouse is freaking DISGUSTING September 25, 2008


Cracky McSnortHouse

Cracky McSnortHouse


Why are all the best talents out there total lunatics and druggies?  So sad.  The latest in the ongoing trash heap that is Amy Winehouse’s life is that she’s apparently been returning borrowed designer gowns covered in puke and mold.  

SERIOUSLY?  Who does that?  You have to be in a real state to not even consider getting the fucking things dry-cleaned before you return them.  Filthy!


Amy supposedly missed her own birthday party b/c she feels TOO UGLY.  DUH!

Amy supposedly missed her own birthday party b/c she feels TOO UGLY. DUH!


The UK Sun spoke to an insider, who revealed, “Harvey Nichols [a fancy British department store] loaned Amy £25k’s worth of silk and satin dresses. Unfortunately, while wearing one of the frocks, she went on an all-night bender. She ended up in the loos, where she was violently sick. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. She eventually couriered them back on Monday, but didn’t wrap them separately. So sick had gone on all the clothes. Even worse, green, furry mould had developed on some gowns, making them unwearable. The store publicists weren’t best pleased. They send stuff out to celebs all the time, but it never gets into such a state. I doubt Amy will be sent any more designer gear for a while and the store has now asked for its £25k back.”