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Sharon Stone still has custody of her son? September 28, 2008

So, Sharon Stone apparently still has custody of her son, as the court clerk wrote BOTH of the following statements on Sept. 12:

1.  Phil Brontein, Sharon’s ex, “shall have permanent sole physical custody of child.”

2.  “Custody, visitation, holiday and vacation schedule shall remain in place as outlined on 10/4/07 order.” The 10/4/07 order is, of course, that which gave both Sharon and her ex-hubby joint custody of their son Roan. 

So…wtf?  Does she have custody or not?


Have you guys heard about this movie yet?

Check out the trailer for Bill Maher’s new movie “Religulous”, where he exposes a bunch of cooky religious people in all their ignorant splendor.  It’s looks hilarious!


Who knew Anna Wintour had a gorgeous daughter?

Check out famous Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s daughter, Bee Shaffer, at Fashion Rocks.  Anna Wintour, who supposedly inspired the horrendously cruel and demanding boss in “The Devil Wears Prada”, had Bee with her ex-husband David Shaffer, a child psychologist.  They divorced in 1999.


Anna & Bee.

Anna & Bee.

How awful must it have been to grow up with Anna Wintour and a child psychologist for parents?  WRETCHED.  Hopefully being rich and having fabulous clothes all the time have been a bit of compensation.


Daily Dose of Cute: Celebrity Babies

How. Freaking. Cute. Is Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s son Kingston?


Gwen & Kingston @ Hollywood's St. Genero Festival.

Gwen & Kingston @ Hollywood's St. Genero Festival.

This pic was taken only a week after Gwen gave birth to their second son, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, a month ago.  There has been speculation that Gwen & Gavin are Bob Marley fans, as baby Zuma’s strange middle name is the same as the iconic rock legend’s middle name.  Ziggy Marley, one of Bob’s sons, also gave the unusual moniker to one of his children.


Heather Locklear has been arrested, y’all.

Heather Locklear was arrested on Saturday for suspicious of driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Apparently, she caught the attention of authorities by “driving erratically”.  Poor thing.  First the divorce, then the utter betrayal by Denise Richards, and now this.


Hot mess.

Hot mess.

Heather is best known for playing Amanda Woodward in Melrose Place, from 1993-1999.  She’s also famous for her role in Dynasty, where she played Sammy Jo Dean Carrington from 1981-1989. 

I hope she gets her shit together, at least for her daughter’s sake!


Scarlett Johannson is offically off the market. =)

Scarlett Johannson has married her fiance Ryan Reynolds this weekend at a small private ceremony in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) this weekend, the Daily Mail UK reports.  The gorgeous actress, of “Lost in Translation” and “Match Point” fame, is known as much for her stunning hourglass figure as for her talent. 

She's the modern Hollywood starlet.

She's the modern Hollywood starlet.

The actress, who director Woody Allen has described as “sexually overwhelming”, has been with Reynolds since last spring – not too long after he dated Alanis Morrisette.  I’d be hella-pissed if I was Alanis, because let’s admit it – Scarlett is a step up as far as mates go.


Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds.

Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds.

Personally, I think Scarlett and Ryan deserve each other.  “Sexiest Woman Alive” (Maxim) or not, she’s still a prissy little twat, and he’s a total frat boy.  

Still – congrats to the happy couple! =P


Sluts of the week:

I don’t feel like this post needs explaining.  Picture = 1000 words, etc.

1. Tracy Bingham

Do you know that I can see your nipple?

Do you know that I can see your nipple?

2. Aubrey O’Day, again.

animal abuse & inappropriate clothing.

No surprises here: animal abuse & inappropriate clothing.

 3.  Honorary extension from last week for extreme levels of stuttification: Aubrey O’Day.

Working the pole topless for a Complex Magazine photo shoot.

Working the pole topless for a Complex Magazine photo shoot.

What a ho.  This isn't a photoshoot.  It's a normal night @ her skeevy manager's place.

What a ho. This isn't a photo shoot. This is a normal night at her skeevy manager's place.


Posh launches new perfume in crazy tall pleather boots

Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, and her husband of nine years – international soccer star David Beckham, launched their matching new perfumes today at the Macy’s at Herald Square (NYC).  There was such a clamor to see them at the Beckham Signature Perfume launch that the crowds apparently stopped traffic.  One look at Posh, though, and you’ll understand why:




Here’s a closer look at the madness that is Posh:

I wonder how many burly, muscle-bound, dextrous men it took her to get into those boots.  They are UNREASONABLY tight.  

But hot.  It’s true.

The boots were designed by English-Italian designer Berardi, a long-time friend of the Beckhams who also made their post-wedding outfits nine years ago.  The 40-year old fashionista says that while the women are often daunted at first, they walk out feeling like they’re wearing a normal (well, normal 5 & 1/2″) high-heeled shoe.  Says Berardi, “They’re perfectly balanced”.