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Further Sarah Palin credentials September 27, 2008

You guys – how is it possible that this woman is one election and one 72-year-old heartbeat away from running our country.  WHAT IS GOING ON?

Sarah Palin, in the 1984 Miss Alaska Competition.
She couldn’t even win Miss Alaska.  How’s she supposed to be our vice president!?
Miss Congeniality, in the 1984 pageant.

Miss Congeniality, in the 1984 pageant.








First pics of Nicole Kidman’s baby girl, Sunday Rose!

Ok, first of all, I think Nicole Kidman is one of the most beautiful – if slightly stiff and porcelain – women in the world, and I can’t wait to see her daughter grow up.  

Second of all, how cute is Sunday Rose?


Baby Sunday.

Baby Sunday.


HOT NEW MUSIC: “Swagger Like Us” – Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, MIA, Kanye West

It’s not the official video, but whatever.  You have to hear the song.  It’s sick.


A few quick thoughts on last night’s presidential debate (9/26/08)

First off, they were both pretty terrible – let’s just be honest.  I’ll give them credit and say it was probably because they spent less time practicing and more time trying to talk our economy off the ledge.  Regardless, they were both stilted and neither of them performed to their ability.  Obama in particular disappointed me, partly because he’s my candidate and I expect more from him, but also because he is normally so articulate and informed.  I saw him taking notes while McCain was speaking, and I was thinking, “Oh good – he’s picking up all these great opportunities to contradict McCain and make a killer point.”  And then…he just spouted off a canned-sounding two minute tangent.  

Other things that annoyed me:

  • McCain does that smile-when-I’m angry thing that makes me so nervous.  That’s totally the type of person who kills you in your sleep.
  • Both candidates talked about needing to “explain things” to other major world powers, such as China and Russia, and “make them understand” how things work.  The hubris there is incredible.  Who are we – after 8 years of the stupidest president we’ve ever known, IRAQ (or eye-rack, as some people know it), an economy that’s on the brink of depression, a political rift that is deeply polarizing our nation, a vice president who shot someone in the face, corruption (hellooooo, Alberto Gonzales) and conservative hypocrite scandals galore (Larry Craig, Mark Foley, SARAH PALIN, anyone?), and I could go on – to tell anyone how anything works?  It’s LUDICROUS.
  • McCain kept saying how Obama “didn’t understand”.  I know McCain is 25 years older than Obama, but that doesn’t make him a child for fuck’s sake.  It just makes him about to die and unfit to lead.  If you’re going to be our next president, have at least enough dignity to treat your political opponent with respect.  At least Obama was enough of a diplomat to point out the ways in which McCain was “correct”, and then show how his point of view around the referenced issue was wrongheaded.  Then Rudy Giuliani, the prick, had the balls to say that McCain taught Obama a lesson in foreign policy, as evidence by his frequent admissions of McCain’s “accurateness.”  
  • The entire argument about sitting down with Iran’s Ahmadinejad.  I just don’t understand WHY it’s even an argument.  How has talking to people we need desperately to better understand ever a bad idea?  What happened to “known thy enemy”, or “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.  It’s so boneheaded and ignorant to completely rule out any opportunity of the kind, it just makes me want to scream.  I get McCain’s point that you can’t just sit down and say “no you won’t”, when Ahmadinejad declares he’s going to wipe Israel of the face of the planet, but still.  If you can’t have difficult conversations with people who don’t like who are fairly inclined to kill you, you’re not prepared to be a president or a leader.  That’s just my opintion.  

I seriously don’t know what drugs these people are on, but I want some.  Reality just doesn’t appear to be a pressing issue.

In any case, I hope Obama steps up his game.  If we end up with McCain, I’m going to be seriously depressed and might even expatriate.  I can’t deal with another four years of this shame.

UPDATE:  Here’s the full debate, on video.


Paul Newman is Dead.


Paul Newman, one of the most iconic male actors is Hollywood’s history, has died at the age of 83.  The screen legend’s true fame arrived when he starred opposite Robert Redford in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”.  

Paul Newman & Robert Redford.

Newman died of cancer at home, while holding his wife Joanne Woodward’s hand.  They celebrated their 50th anniversary this past January.


Paul & his wife Joanne in their early years.

Paul & his wife Joanne in their early years.

Let’s celebrate his life with a brief reminder of Paul Newman’s contribution, shall we?


  • Born in Shaker Heights, OH on January 25, 1925
  • Birth Name: Paul Leonard Newman 
  • First appearance as a professional actor: “Picnic”, on Broadway (1953) – he was so embarrassed he apologized to anyone who might have seen it via a full-page ad in a trade paper.
  • He was kicked out of Ohio University for unruly behavior.
  • Served for three years in the Navy as a radio operator during World War II.
  • Became extremely popular in 1960s, when he was featured in films such as The Hustler (1961), The Prize (1963), Hud (1963), Cool Hand Luke(1967) and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969). 
  • Multi-talented, and recognized for it, including for the first movie he directed, Rachel, Rachel (1968) in which he also directed his wife Joanne Woodward. The movie received an Oscar nomination for best picture. 
  • Won his oscar for his performance as an aging pool shark in The Color of Money (1986), although he was nominated 9 other times for by the Academy.
  • Won for Best Actor at the 1950 Cannes Film Festival, for the film The Long, Hot Summer (1958).
  • Also won one or more of the following awards: Emmy, BAFTA, Berlin International Film Festival, Cinema Writers Circle Awards – Spain, David di Donatello Awards, Golden Apple Awards, Golden Globes, Cecile B. Demille Awards, Henrietta Award, Laurel Award, Mar del Plata Film Festival, National Board of Review – USA, National Society of Film Critics – USA, New York Film Circle Critics Award, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and many more! 
  • Founded “Newman’s Own” organic food products, and donated every single penny to charity and philanthropic causes!  In 1983 he took a dig at himself, saying he was a little embarrassed that his salad dressing was grossing more than his movies. =)
A young Paul Newman, looking super hunktastic.

A young Paul Newman, looking super hunktastic.


Newman's Own logo.

Newman's Own logo.


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