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Lindsay Lohan admits to being gay! September 23, 2008

Samantha Ronson, Lindsay’s unofficial beau of several months, called into the radio show Loveline last night to speak with DJ Ted Stryker about the plane crash that DJ AM and Travis Barker recently survived.

At the end of their chat, after Samantha had passed the phone to Lindsay, Stryker inconspicuously threw in the question, “Now, you guys, you and Samantha have been going out for how long now? Like two years? One year? Five months? Two months?”

Lohan answered, “A…very long time.”

“I hope you guys stay together, you’re a very lovely looking couple,” Stryker responded, to which Lindsay replied, “Thank you very much.”



He must be pretty impressed with himself to have gotten the the first confirmation that Lindsay’s a bonifide lezzie!  Not that it wasn’t painfully obvious with their constant canoodling and not-so-undercover myspace posts, but all the same – cheers!




4 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan admits to being gay!”

  1. goldfish Says:

    I don’t think this confirms Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian. She admits to dating Samantha Ronson, but that does not mean she identifies as gay. There are many sexual orientations, more than just 3 (homo, bi, hetero). She may be one of those many, or she may not label herself at all.

  2. carmencita6 Says:

    I agree with you, and I appreciate your very intelligent comment. I myself am bi, but have friends who consider themselves everything from lesbian to queer to straight to unidentified. This post was the equivalent of a blunt instrument in many ways; it’s the commercial dose of information. I appreciate you calling me on that, although sometimes it’s the easiest way to get simple information across. Regardless, I appreciate the comment!

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  4. […] lover, Samantha Ronson, according the new issue of Marie Claire magazine.  They’ve JUST come out of the closet as a couple, so the next logical step is clearly a celebrity adoption.  After all, why would people care about […]

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