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Daily Dose of Cute, with a twist… September 23, 2008

I was scoping out Etsy (a site where people can sell their arts & crafts) today, and came across this awesome chic Amelia who makes “Unique Dog Portraits out of Wool and More”.  Her likenesses are amazing!  Check it out:

You looking at us?

You looking at us?

She even got the mournful eyes!

She even got the mournful eyes!

Bellies + Sunshine = HAPPY

Bellies + Sunshine = HAPPY


3 Responses to “Daily Dose of Cute, with a twist…”

  1. Emily Gordon is.....Gynomite! Says:

    It’s just too much. I can’t handle the dopplegangers. I really can’t. The upside down on the bed one?
    Jesus. I’m not made of stone, people.

  2. carmencita6 Says:

    That’s my favorite too! I showed my mom and she’s addicted. Guess I know what to get them for Christmas though! =)

  3. HottyPatotty Says:

    Omg, amazing! Could that be any cuter?? I’m with you on the Christmas gifts. Totally know what to get my mom now! Thanks!!

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